How Can We Pray for You

We want our Church to be a place of prayer. It is one of the biggest things we do. If you are in need of prayer we can handle it several different ways –

1.Prayer before worship – Each week a group of 2-4 men gather before worship with me to pray about the program and any special pressing needs.

2. Prayer during our worship – Every week, except special Sundays, we stop during our worship program to pray. You can give us your requests and they will be listed on the back of the program or you can turn them in before worship. We want to share the needs people have and take time to pray.

3. Prayer after worship – Our elders would love to step over to the side or into a room and talk to you and pray with you. If God has laid something on your heart this is a great time to stop and talk to him in prayer.

4. Prayer over email – If you send an email to we will send your request out to a group of people who are committed to prayer. This is better than Facebook for making sure your needs are addressed by other believers in prayer.

5. Prayer on our own – Most of our leadership has a daily time of prayer. I know that for me, if I have a special request, I put it on my own personal prayer list.

6. Prayer in private meetings – One or two of our leadership are always willing to come to your house and pray with you. I have also had people schedule special appointments just so that we can meet and pray in my office.

7. Prayer in elder’s meeting – Our elders meet regularly (at least twice a month) for the specific purpose of prayer.

8. Prayer in Hospitals – If you are headed to the hospital and would like prayer before a big event like surgery, then just let someone know. You can email the office, tell the elders or write it on a prayer card. Communicate it with us somehow. Some people don’t want prayer, some don’t want us to know they went to the hospital and some do not know they are headed to the hospital beforehand. These are some of the toughest for us to know about.

Our Church is full of people who pray and they want to pray for you. There are a lot of ways we can pray for you. Just let us know.

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