Around Adrian Christian Church

There are numerous things going on around ACC. Here are a few things you should know about:

1.We have officially hired Jaime Isaac as our Children’s Minister. She has a husband, Rory, and two children named Ryker, who is five and in kindergarten, and Clara who is around 18 months old. They are working on housing and then are making the move to Adrian. Please be in prayer for their transition in every way. We hope and pray they are able to join us by the first of October.

2. Last Sunday I spoke on giving and I was hoping to announce this piece of information then, but it was not ready yet. Within the next week, the Church will be able to take donations by credit card. We are adding this feature to our website as one possible way to give. We have also purchased and iPad Mini that will be hanging in the lobby as a new “giving station.” While we know this is not for everyone, we do know it will benefit many people in their act of giving.

3. I have two Sundays to go in my series of sermons entitled “Sunday Worship.” This Sunday I am talking about “Communion.” I am preaching from the book of 1 Corinthians and we will end the sermon by taking communion together.

4. Next Sunday I am speaking on Baptism. First, if you are interested in baptism then this is a great opportunity to do it. You can speak with me soon or just respond after the sermon that day. We have robes and towels on hand, but feel free to bring a bathing suit and your own towel. Whatever makes you feel comfortable to make this step of faith. Second, we are putting together a slideshow of some of the baptisms at ACC. If you have a video of one or a picture or two, please email those to me at

5. Once I am done with this sermon series I am excited to announce our big fall series. Starting on September 18 my sermon topic will be “Band of Brothers.” I will be talking about relationships for all people, but primarily from a male perspective. I have always been fascinated by the bond that is created between people who have served in the military together. What if we could have those types of relationships in our everyday lives? I am excited about this series and I hope you will invite a few friends at the end of September to join us. (See below for more info)

Finally, I am so encouraged that our leadership continues to make improvements around the Church. We have upgraded my office, are working on some new technology along with the spiritual growth we hope a new staff member will bring. I believe these changes will help us to reach more people for Jesus this fall and winter and far into the future.

Lord’s blessing and thanks to all who are a part of Adrian Christian Church. It is a privilege to serve with you.

Bandofbrothers- main

September 18 – “Brothers in Arms”
September 25 – “Cover Me”
October 2 – “Purple Heart People”
October 9 – “Friendly Fire”
October 16 – “Not Forgotten”

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