Doing the Little Things

Recently I was reminded that the greatest revelation of our feelings is found in our smallest actions. This is a reality most of us need to get ingrained into our brains about love. I think most people recognize large acts of love. The sacrifice of money for a gift, the selfless giving of time and the big memory moment are the stuff that makes Hollywood movies. In the real world, I think that the small things people do are a greater proof of the way we feel.

1. Doing Little Things in Marriage
One way I frequently encourage couples is to pay attention to the details. I read a story once about a famous couple and the day they decided to end their marriage. They had a heated argument that started with the way she wanted her coffee. After more than 3 years of marriage, he did not know how she liked her coffee. She was heartbroken that he didn’t care enough about her little personal preferences. How great is that feeling when you go to the fridge and your spouse bought your favorite drink? How much do you feel when your spouse notices the little things that matter to you?

2. Doing Little Things in Parenting
All children want unconditional love. Many of us tell our children over and over that we love them. I think what really drives this home is when we notice the little things that are unique to them. A gift card to their favorite restaurant, a trip to their favorite store or a day doing what they enjoy are huge examples of our expressions of love. I have a list of the most memorable gifts I have ever received locked in my mind. On that list are all items unique to me, like an Earl Campbell jersey, a study Bible and a box full of items I needed for college.

3. Doing Little Things in All Relationships
All relationships need continual work, even those with are friends. I have a stamp in a frame that has almost no value. It was the last gift my best friend bought me before he died. He and I deer hunted together and we both needed to send in our applications (a requirement of the time). He went and bought himself a stamp and mailed his out and then gave me a stamp to make sure I mailed mine on time. I see that stamp as the clearest statement that he really cared for me. What would it do to your relationships if you did one small thing on a regular basis?

What would happen if you spent more time doing little things than waiting to do that one big thing? Why wait till a birthday or Christmas to have some dramatic display of affection? What would happen if we did one small thing for someone we care about every day? I guarantee you that your relationships will get stronger and more fulfilling just by doing those simple little things.

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