Eight Things That Bring This Preacher Joy

The other day it was brought to my attention that October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.” For anyone who knows me, you know that I am not a fan. I think it was the creation of a pastor who had an inferiority complex to make himself feel important, but I digress.

While I do not enjoy Pastor Appreciation Month I do have things in my ministry that bring me real joy. These are the things that keep me going as a preacher.

1.When Someone Follows Jesus
It just never gets old seeing people come to me and want to follow Jesus. Hearing them repeat a confession of faith and being a part of their baptism is truly a highlight of any week.

2. When Someone Prays for Me
This shows me that we are on the same team. We are both wanting to see God work in our Church. We want him to use me for a greater impact for his kingdom.

3. When Someone Steps Up to Serve
I love seeing people work in every area of our Church. When someone selflessly gives their time to help with the kids, work on our building, lead worship or one of a thousand things, it is a wonderful investment of time.

4. When Someone Generously Supports the Church Financially

Words cannot express the depth of appreciation I feel when someone supports the Church with their finances. This giving not only pays for the building needs, it also pays for me to give my life to full-time ministry. Without people giving, I am not able to lead this ministry.

5. When Someone Blesses the Life of Another Church Member
I feel like people do things for me out of obligation, but there is no real reason for them to help each other. The only reason is that they want to live like Jesus. When people are kind to each other it is the kingdom of God present on earth.

6. When Someone is Kind to My Wife.
My wife and most pastor’s wives do so much without any recognition. They give countless hours to the church with no expectation of reward. I am thrilled anytime people go out of their way to show their love and appreciation of her with no strings attached.

7. When Someone Makes a Change Based on My Teaching

I work hard to put a sermon together. I spend hours in Bible study, research, and preparation. I think what I am saying is not only good teaching but also good advice. I do my part to present the material, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to do it. So when people take my words seriously in their life, it is a high honor.

8. When Someone Brings Their Friends

It is kind for people to tell me they like the Church or the program or even the sermon. It means even more when they tell their friends about it and bring them. In fact, it may be the highest compliment anyone can pay me.

I really don’t want this article to be self-serving in any way. Yes, I enjoy it when people do nice things for me, but the real joy is found in my ministry when the Church acts like the Church.

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