Change for the Sake of Change

Years ago I read an article from a wiser older minister that has greatly influenced my thinking. In this article, he wrote that Churches need to “change for the sake of change.”

Conventional wisdom says this is wrong. You only need to change if the activity has deep significance and is beneficial to everyone. I was told, “Don’t change anything unless is it completely necessary.”

This preacher argued in the opposite direction. He said that Churches should be changing everything all the time. In fact, he said that Churches should be creating a culture of change. His line of thinking was quite simple. When you only make a few changes every year then people are startled when they occur. When you change lots of stuff all the time, then people are used to it and react less aggressively when big changes happen.

After 20 plus years of ministry, I have come to believe he is right. So at the Church I lead I am constantly changing everything. I try to move activities around in the order of program each week. I try to keep moving items in the entryway and lobby. If there is something that can be changed easily then I like to change it. I firmly believe we need to “change for the sake of change.”

Hopefully, this keeps us open to the movement of God in our Church. We are ready if we need to adjust our plans to make things work better for his kingdom. It might not always be comfortable, but remember that God calls us to be faithful and not comfortable.

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