The Chicken Crossing the Road

Richard Beck used an analogy in a blog post that I find interesting. I thought I would share it with you today and maybe you will too.

He says that he attends Church worship programs to encounter God. He willingly admits that some weekends it seems like the Lord is not present. At least, if God is present he didn’t hear a word that touched his life or a song that inspired him or a prayer that moved his spirit. Some weeks he leaves feeling empty. And yet, he returns to worship next week.

Then he said something like this. I call this my “Road Kill” theology. I picture myself as a chicken crossing the road every week. Sure I might not get hit by a truck this week, but if I do it 52 times a year I have definitely increased my chances. If I just keep running back and forth across the road eventually the Spirit of God will run me over and I will feel something.

I think I understand what he means. You never know when God will show up and touch your life in some way at Church. My prayer is that you get run over this weekend.

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