How You Can Help Our New Children’s Minister

Last week our Church brought on a new children’s minister to serve here at Adrian Christian Church. She and her family are settling into their new home, new Church and new town. We are glad she is here and have high hopes for the future of our children’s ministry at the Church. In an effort to make her transition go even better I want to make a few suggestions.

1. Pray for Her and Her Family.
This is always the best place to start. Transitioning a family is hard. Not only is everything new but the old is now far away. Family and friends were left behind along with all of the life they knew. Pray they transition well and this feels like home very soon. Pray for her new ministry and the work she has to do. Pray that God will do an amazing work in their lives and in the life of this Church.

2. Invite Their Family.
When you are new to a community it is hard to find new friends, new places to eat and fun things to do. It is wonderful when people in the Church invite you over for meals and time to visit. It is an honor when people invite you to different events in the community. It is a blessing when people take you out to eat and show you the local favorites. Don’t forget them as they are trying to settle in.

3.Step Up and Step Down.

Every time I have moved to a new town I have found a group of people serving selflessly. Then something interesting happens, I arrive and people start quitting. The thinking is usually, “We hired them to do that.” The reality is that when a new minister arrives, they need more help and not less. They have projects and programs that will help our Church and our children and they need more volunteers than ever. This is not the time to quit your service, it is the time for more people to step up and do more.

4. Start or Continue Your Giving
Honestly, a new staff member costs the Church money. We have budgeted so that we can pay for her salary. The hard truth is that as she does more for our children we will need more money. Your giving not only pays her to serve the Lord at our Church, but it also pays for all of her ministry needs. Money is an ugly topic but is it necessary to do ministry.

5. Invite Children to Join Us (and their parents)
Over the next several months we will be adding new programs and making old programs even better. What better time for you to invite more children to join us each week. It might be for a Sunday morning or for a special event. What a great time to reach the children in our community with message of the gospel.

I am praying that God will use our new minister to do great things. I am also praying that our Church and our community will love and support them in every way.


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