Can I Help You?

I was talking to a Church leader recently and they shared an insight worth repeating. This leader knows of a Church that recommends their people start using this phrase regularly. The phrase is either “My name is (blank), how can I help you?” or simply “Can I help you?”

They found that many people on Sunday morning see guests and they do not know what to say. Asking someone, “Are you new here?” can be tricky since they may have actually attended a number of weeks and you have not met them. Also, walking up and introducing yourself is nice but doesn’t help if this person needs something.

This Church told people something like this. If you see someone you do not know. Walk up and introduce yourself and then ask them, “Can I help you with anything?”

Words like this help to put people at ease and give them an opportunity to get the help they need. Being friendly is not just about shaking hands, it is about offering a helping hand.


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