I’m a Christian and I Don’t Like It Either

Honest confession time for me. There are a lot of things labeled as Christian do that I do not like. I say this as a Christian and as a Pastor. I simply do not like these things.

1. Gospel Tracts. I especially hate the ones that look like money. Do you know what I am talking about? They are a piece of paper that looks like a $100 bill folded up. You open it and it says, “Disappointed” and then it explains the gospel. There are other ones I have seen through the years stuck in various places trying to spread the gospel. Has this ever worked?

2. Cheesy Christian Movies. Because of the success of a couple of Christian movies, everyone must have decided to make one. My wife and I have started a few on Netflix. They combine terrible writing, bad acting, and a low-budget into something that makes my children beg for mercy. How it get four stars? Oh yeah, it’s Christian so it has to be good, right?

3. Preaching at an Inappropriate Time. I have a friend in ministry who like to preach a “turn or burn” sermon at funerals. He has a slight variation he does for weddings. Needless to say, but he doesn’t get many invitations to speak anymore. I believe there are a time and a place to share the gospel of Jesus. There are also times to keep quiet and follow the agenda. That is not cowardice, that is a courtesy.

4. Religious Junk. At one point Christian bookstores sold books. Most of them I visit are now religious junk stores. They have all types of foreign-made plastic trinkets with something remotely Christian written on them. Apparently, if you slap a Bible verse, Jesus name or a cross on something it has immediate religious meaning. Then there are pictures, decorative pieces and even toys that fill the shelves. You can purchase almost anything. Unfortunately, most of it is poorly made and way overpriced. When did Christianity become about owning a so-called religious item?

5. Most Christian Music. There are a few great Christian artists out there, but people who make great original Christian music are very few. Most of what I hear are knock off versions of pop songs with second-rate poetry. That is not to mention the poor theology and scripture twisting. I check the top 40 Christian song list every month and it is usually a big disappointment. My children hate most of it, not because of the lyrics, but because it is just poor music. I tend to agree.

Honestly, I know this blog sounds judgmental and I don’t want it to be. I have heard a lot of non-Christians complaining about Christian stuff and these five are usually on the list. I want people to know, I am a Christian and I feel your pain. Most Christians I know are extremely well-intentioned. They love Jesus and they cherish their faith. They are looking for real and practical ways to do that. Unfortunately, many of our efforts turn people away from Jesus and not toward him. I want to declare, “I hate that too and I am sorry.” Then I want to be motivated to do better in every way.


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