Bigger Than Me

One of the most wonderful things about being a pastor is that I get to partner with God. I spend my time planning and preparing each week but somehow God puts it all together in ways I can never imagine.

-The couple whose marriage is falling apart walk in the Sunday I am preaching on marriage.
-The week I speak about helping people in need, a family hears of a need while in line at the grocery store. The quickly step up and help out.
-A guest speaker is at the Church to tell about their ministry to children, while a woman is in the audience who needs to find a place for her grandson. It is a perfect fit.
-Someone’s week has been depressing and the songs that week speak directly to their emotions.
-The person who has the communion meditation that week picks the same topic and possibly text as the preacher for his sermon. Both work together in perfect harmony.
-A sermon offers a possible solution to a problem that a woman has had all week.

I could go on and on and on. Through all of my years of ministry, I continue to be amazed at the ways God puts everything together. It is a great thing to partner with him in my service.

Here is a little secret, I think he is trying to do the same thing in all of our lives. The sermon you heard, the passage you just read, the song on the radio and the person who walks by you today might in some way be connected. You may have just been exposed to something that will be helpful to you. Maybe the greater possibility is that God has spoken something into your life that you can use to help someone else.

God has a way of taking all of the seemingly random pieces of life and putting them together into one grand concerto. All we have to do is look closely to see it. I see it in my ministry and I bet you can see it in your life.


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