A Christian Leader’s Thoughts on Social Media

I will admit that I have been slow to the world of social media. I am sure some people wrote posts like this 10 years ago. For me, I resisted social media as more of time issues than anything while having a young family. Finally a little over a year ago I entered the world of Facebook. I am trying to do more with things like Instagram and Snapchat but is comes slow as I have so many other interests that take up my time.

First, I will admit that there are hundreds of wonderful things about social media. I have learned about events I never knew were happening. I have made the connection to very helpful websites. I have watched links to inspiring videos. I could go on and on about all of the ways I have been blessed through social media.

Second, I have to say something as a Christian leader. For every bit of joy, I have received from social media I have found something else that breaks my heart. These might not be exactly what you are thinking I might say. These are not links to porn or anti-religious diatribe (yes, those are upset me.) My bad experiences come from watching what other Christians post.

It breaks my heart when …
-Someone talks badly about any other person.
-Someone posts pictures of themselves skipping Church for frivolous reasons.
-Someone uses foul and offensive language.
-Someone posts pictures of their meals and gatherings and they always contain someone drinking alcohol. Frequently it is someone who is Christian.
-Someone declares their love of wine.
-Someone makes comments on issues they know nothing about.
-Someone uses crude or degrading humor.
-Someone promotes anything anti-Christian.

Unfortunately, my list could go on and on. I have watched in horror as some Christians have posted words and images that are against a life of faith. It may not seem like a big deal to you but I think it is. My children see what you posts. They think that is the way a believer acts. Other believers see your posts and they think it is okay to act that way. Non-believers see your posts and just make you down as another hypocritical Christian.

I do not want to come across as an angry old man who is upset about all this technology. I am concerned as a Christian leader that your online life reflects what it means to be a believer. Remember that on the web the world is watching.


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