The Quest to Learn and Grow in My Faith

I have spent my life trying to grow into a mature believer who resembles Christ in every way. Perhaps the biggest part of this journey is learning what to believe and how to live it out. This is what keeps me going to Church, to classes, to conferences, listening to a podcast, reading books and blogs, and exposing myself to all kinds of lessons.

Once I was sitting and listening to a person who was teaching a Biblical lesson but they were doing a poor job. I was bored and the material was pretty much review. I took notes and tried desperately to gain something from this hour I was investing. Quickly my mind began to run through everything I had tried to learn from over the years.

I have heard some poorly delivered sermons.
I have attended some fruitless conferences.
I have been bored at uncreative lessons.
I have started reading books that were not worth finishing.
I have deleted more blogs than I have kept.
I have heard some podcasts that I didn’t finish before deleting.

Mentally I made a long list of all of my attempts at spiritual growth that fell short. It was a long list of times that might have been considered a waste.

Then my mind flipped over my perspective. What about all those times I was blessed by some teacher? What about all those books I did finish with delight? What about all of the sermons that I have heard that truly fed my soul? For every failed attempt at growth, there has been another attempt that succeeded.

Here is the hard part. Most of the time I did not which ones were going to bring growth and which were not before they started. In fact, many times I have been surprised at how God showed up and taught me something in a moment that I would have never expected. You just never know where you are going to grow.

I think one action of a believer that wants to grow is that we expose ourselves to a lot of learning opportunities. We open up our minds and attend all kinds of events with a level of expectation. We read knowing that God may speak to us in the next line. We spend our lives trying to learn from almost anyone willing to teach us. Some of that time will not be well spent and I hate that fact. But sometimes, God will show up and you will learn something that will make you more like Christ. Honestly, you never know when that is going to happen. It might even be today or this weekend. Only God knows. Our job is to show up and wait for what God is ready to teach us.

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