Seeking a Change

Most people are not happy. They recognize in their quiet hours that they are longing for something more in their life. They think that maybe something different from what they are experiencing now is the answer to their longing. This feeling drives people to act in a multitude of ways.

We do it as individuals –

Maybe if we exercise and lose weight, we will feel better about ourselves?
Maybe if we dressed differently or look better that will change the way we feel?
Maybe if we had more money or used what we have more wisely we will feel fulfilled?
Maybe if we changed jobs or moved or did something to shake up our lives, our feelings would change to something better?

We do it as groups –

Maybe if we back the right politician or political party, they will bring about the change we want and finally we will be happy?
Maybe if we protest and let our voice be heard that will bring about a change for the better?
Maybe if we join up with our neighbors, school and community we can make a change that will make a real and lasting impact?

And yet with all of this talk of change I find very few people who are really happy even after the changes are made. People are still hungry for more change. People are empty and confused because they made the change and are still unhappy.

What if the change we are looking for is more spiritual that we want to believe? What if there is a longing in the human soul for something better that only God can fill? What if true satisfaction can only be found in Christ and his community?

I believe true, meaningful change only happens when we surrender all of our lives to Christ. We experience something new and different when we live for him. It’s hard to explain until you have experienced it for yourself, but I would ask you to consider the possibility that your life will never be fulfilling, no matter what you change, until you come to Jesus.

Then we can lock arms with other people who have come to Jesus and make a real difference in the world. Lives will be changed in powerful ways that bring satisfaction and together we can make our world a better place.

I know many of you don’t believe me, and in one month on January first you will be thinking about the new year and all the changes you need to make next year. You will believe next year will be better. It is the same thing you have thought every year for as long as you can remember. What if this time you made a different type of change?

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