The Forgotten People of Christmas

In the rush of gift buying, family gatherings and various parties it is easy to forget a few people at Christmas time each year. Here are some people I hope you do not forget this year.

1.The Hurting – For some people, Christmas reminds them of the people they have loved and lost. They may have lost that loved one in the past year or the Christmas season years ago. For them, Christmas is a reminder of their loss, and it hurts them emotionally.

2.The Lonely – It is easy to assume that everyone is busy this holiday season, but that is not always true. There are lonely people from ranging from the young single guy in a new town who sits alone to the widow who looks out on a cold world without anyone to care. For them, Christmas is a reminder of how few people really care about them.

3. The Struggling – Personal problems do not know seasons or holidays. Marriages still fall apart at Christmas. People still make poor choices at Christmas. Life’s struggles are very real and sometimes even more pronounced at Christmas. For many, this holiday season will be difficult.

4. The Working – Some professions do not get a day off. There will still be nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers and even gas station attendants working on Christmas. I am thankful for them, but I know it is hard for their family.

5. The Elderly – Some people are just not able to get out and do much during the holidays because of their age. You couple that with bad weather and it makes it hard for them to enjoy the holidays. Many of our senior adults will spend the day alone. That is not to mention those in nursing homes and hospitals.

6. The Pastors – Our Church is taking this Saturday and Sunday off, but we are the exception. Roughly 89 percent of Churches are still having worship on Sunday. 71 percent of Churches are having programs on Saturday and Sunday. As a pastor, I know this can make for a long draining holiday. It is also tough on the family of those pastors who are pulled a dozen directions emotionally over the holiday season.

7. The Missionaries – Numerous Christian workers have decided to serve the Lord in a foreign country. This holiday season can be very lonely depending on where they live. They will feel the pull of their American upbringing while they serve in a different context. It will be an emotionally draining and sometimes lonely season.

I know it is easy to forget any of these groups during the Christmas holiday. In fact, there are probably several groups that I have forgotten to mention myself. The point is that it is easy to overlook people during Christmas. Be sure to take a few minutes to connect with these people in some way. A kind word, a phone call, a note, a small gift or a visit will mean more to them than you can ever imagine. As Christians, I hope we try hard to make sure that no one is forgotten this year.

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