The New Year’s Purge

Usually, when we think of making this year better, we begin by adding something of value to our normal routine. We are going to start frequenting the gym or adding healthy food to our diet. We will start reading the Bible or praying each day. We believe that improvement comes with addition.

I want to suggest to you that growth also comes through subtraction. There are some things I need to remove from my life to make it better.

1.Removal of Time Wasting Practices
Some of you need to take a break from social media. Some of you need to reduce the amount of TV you watch. How many people have sat down at their computer to check out a couple of things on the internet and then realized that several hours had passed? Is it possible that some of the things you are doing are not making your life better they are simply wasting time?

2. Removal of Negative Thoughts
How many times have you heard that faint whisper in your ear telling you something negative? Either something like, “You will fail” or “You are not good enough to do that.” Our thoughts direct our paths, and some of us have been listening to the negative voices in our head for too long. It is time to change the pattern of your mind.

3. Removal of Certain People
It is possible that you have people in your life who are not helping you achieve the best for your life? There are those people who pull us down with their negative behaviors and words. We might not be able to completely remove those people from our lives, but maybe they need to be moved to the margins. Is it possible that you need to spend less time with a few people to improve your attitude and habits?

4. Removal of Anything Ungodly
I truly believe that God has our best interests in mind through his word. He continually tells us in his word to remove several things like anger, rage, gossip, and slander. The New Testament calls these things the “works of the flesh.” They are part of our old life before we came to Jesus and as believers, we are now called to remove them. They are actions that hurt us along with the people around us.

What would you add to my list?

I often talk to people, and they know exactly what is holding them back in their lives. They know they need to quit doing something or remove someone, but they do not do it. What would happen if you did that one difficult thing you have been dreading for years? What if you purged that thing from your life that would enable you to grow and improve?

Sometimes we should cut the rope to free us from the anchor that holds us in place and doesn’t allow us to move forward.

Why not this year?

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