In Memory

Early Sunday morning January 8, 2017, Freddie Lewis Harris, my father passed away in his sleep. Over the last two years, he had suffered two major strokes and several “minor” strokes. The last one hit the Friday before Christmas. His health steadily decreased until the Lord called him home.

He was my father, Pappy to my children, mentor, and friend. I will miss him in every way. I look forward to seeing him in heaven again one day. Love you, Poppa.


3 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. Brother Matthew, Continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family…praying that your Father in heaven would be and feel ever so close in the moments you call upon Him…offering a peace and comfort beyond our own understanding…that great memories would be in the forefront of all your minds and an overpowering hope that knows you will be reunited once again with your sweet loved one. Thank you for sharing this photo of your dad….What a wonderful picture of a man looking so full of life and light.

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