Putting Your Own Accent on Faith

The English language is a global form of communication, and it exists in one primary form. It is one language, but it is used so differently by everyone. It sounds different everywhere you go.

The other night I was watching a show on TV with British actors, and I was drawn in by their beautiful accent. I was suddenly reminded of the summer I spent in England and how people there marveled at my accent. I told them I was from Indiana and lived in Missouri and they asked if it was in “the south.” I never realized how different all of us really sound.

Through my life, I have talked with literally thousands of people from all over the world. No two of them sounded alike. They each had their own accents and pronunciations. They had different phrases and expressions. They took that one language and put their own unique spin on it.

Christians speak the language of faith. People trust in the person of Jesus Christ for their salvation all over the globe. Faith comes in one primary form, and yet it is unique to each individual.

Every one of us puts our own unique spin on our faith. We are drawn to different pieces of scripture. We like different types of music. We have different gifts and abilities we can use. There is an extensive list of things that are peculiar to each one of us.

I think this is good news. You do not have to be exactly like me or anyone else. You do not have to fit into anyone’s mold of what they think faith should be like. You are designed to be unlike anyone else. You can take the language of faith and put your own accent on it. You have the ability to live a life for God in your own personal style.

This week I challenge you to live faith your own wonderfully interesting and unique way. Take the words and put your own accent on them. Feel the freedom to follow Jesus as only you can.

4 thoughts on “Putting Your Own Accent on Faith

  1. Okay, MaryEllen, I have to respond to this comment.
    First, it took me a minute to think what you were talking about. That is partly because the title was 1989, not 1985. Second, I wasn’t thinking sure what you talking about, then it hit me and you are absolutely right. Third, I need to explain this reference to other people. You see, MaryEllen and I read an article with a great illustration in it that we both talked about. The article used the illustration of Taylor Swifts 1989 album. She did it and it sounds one way. Then Bryan Adams did a cover album of all the same songs. Each song has the exact same lyrics but they sound completely different. One set of words with two totally different interpretations. That is what MaryEllen is referring too.

  2. That must have been a typo because I would never get the name of a Taylor Swift album wrong. Or maybe 1985 was just a better year.

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