Breaking the Cycle of Hurt

Today is February second, better known as Groundhogs Day. I must admit that I never gave the day much thought until February of 1993. That was the year Bill Murray made a movie about this day that remains a classic film. In fact, a couple of channels on my DirecTV are running full day marathons of the movie.

If you have seen the movie, you immediately know the plot line. A man named Phil Connors gets caught reliving the exact same day, which happens to be Groundhogs Day, over and over. It is a simple concept with surprisingly humorous results. I did a little google searching and found that some people believe Phil was living the same day for over eight years. Another site says that for him to have learned to do everything the movie claims, it would have taken over 34 years. Either way that is a long time to be doing the same things over and over.

With that in mind, I am reminded this day every year of the numerous people I know who keep reliving the same issues every day. Their parents only communicated through yelling and arguing, so they speak the same way. Their parents were verbally abusive to them, so they become verbally abusive parents to their children. Their parents lived for God on Sunday only and the rest of the week was faithless. They now live the same way.

There are numerous ways this concept plays out in our lives. Basically, we see a set of behaviors from our parents or guardians, and we repeat them. This action is repeated year after year and then generation after generation. We are not just living the same day over and over, we are living the same lives with the same mistakes over and over.

What if today was not remembered for being just another day where we repeat the same mistakes? What if today was the day we broke the cycle? What if we asked God in prayer to give us guidance to live differently? What if we said, “Today this behavior stops?” What if today we spoke kindly, loved deeply, listened closely and cared genuinely about the people close to us?

It all starts with a decision to live differently.

Let today be the day we start to break the cycle of hurt.

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