Writing Your Own Comeback Story

I usually have a plan to the blogs I post. I plan them out a week or two in advance and work on ideas in my head for an extended time. Today’s post if different. My words today are fresh in my mind because of last night’s Superbowl. As most of you know, the New England Patriots won the game with an incredible comeback from 25 points down to win in overtime. Nothing more can be written to underline how remarkable this game was to watch.

As the media has also pointed out, it was one of many comeback sports stories over the past 13 months. The Cleveland Cavaliers coming back to win the NBA championship. The Cubs coming back to win the World Series. Clemson coming from behind to beat Alabama in the college football championship. It seems every sport has had some type of dramatic come from behind victory.

This has my mind thinking about the people I know. Some of the people I know are facing a failing marriage. Some of the people I know have job situations that are uncertain. Some of the people I know have committed some ungodly act that has hurt them. Some people I know are at the end of their rope emotionally and are ready to give up completely. There are several people I know who are facing defeat in life. Maybe one of those people is you.

If there is anything that sports teach us, it is that we are never too far gone, there is always time for a comeback.

If you want something more spiritual, the heart of the Christian faith is a story about overcoming. I mean, what is the resurrection of Jesus if it is not the ultimate comeback story. What humanity thought was dead can be brought back to life by God.

You are not too far gone. The situation can be healed. God can bring good out of a bad situation. The story of your life is not over.

Hold onto faith and never give up. Move forward and forget the past. Do the hard work today that will turn your story around.

Trust God and allow your life to become another great comeback story.

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