The Illustration of the Dead-End Road

Behind our Church building is an old road that goes nowhere. It simply runs through our property and divides two fields. The problem is that it looks like it is a continuation of Edith Street here in town. It runs straight, and kind of appears like you can take it as a back way to Heritage Tractor Sales on the property to the North of us.

After being here just a short time, I noticed that about monthly a vehicle would drive down the road. They reach the end and find there is no way to get from one property to the other. It is a dead-end road.

For over two years I have watched people from my office window drive down the road to stop and come back. Finally, I decided to have the Church purchase a sign to put at the end of the road. I looked at several options and ended up buying a sign that says, “Not a Through Street.” In November, my associate and I put the sign up, and I thought that would end the issue.

This week I watched another truck drive slowly past the sign and then get all the way to the end. They sat for a while before they turned around and drove back down the road. I stepped in and told my associate what was happening, and he said another vehicle did the same thing last week.

I have come to think of this occurrence as a perfect illustration for the Church. I regularly spend time trying to warn people of the dead-end paths in life. I tell them if you keep traveling the road you are on right now it will destroy your marriage, your children, your family and even your very soul. Some people see the sign as an opportunity to stop and change directions before it is too late. Other people ignore all warning signs and drive on as if I was lying. Eventually, they reach the end of the road, and they seem confused as to how this happened. They ignored the sign to their own demise.

Your preacher, your Christian friends, and your God do not want you to go down dead-end roads. We want to you travel the right paths. We are not small-minded or judgmental. We want the best for you, and so we try to warn you. It is not a joke, some of us have seen the other end of the road and know it goes nowhere. We hope and pray you will listen.

Someday you will drive your life down a road from which you can’t return. Our warnings to you to find another route is for your own good. The road goes nowhere.

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