True Confessions from a Pastor

It is time to get honest. I am not proud of these, but I need to tell someone.

-When I learned to ride a bike, every time I fell I would get up and kick the bike as if my failure was its fault.
-I skipped 32 days of high school for no real reason other than to have fun. No one noticed I was gone.
-I hold a pillow when I sleep.
-I occasionally cheated in Bible college.
-I eat my food so that my last bite is the best. That means I eat my pizza and pie backward.
-I have left a store because I saw someone I didn’t care for and didn’t want to talk.
-I have no plans to use Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Facebook already drives me crazy.
-I have purposely parked too close. Just to annoy people.
-I don’t understand Jazz music.
-Sometimes I take naps in my office because I stay up too late.
-My dad used to say when we were in a large crowd, “If a bomb went off in here, it would sure kill a lot of people.” I still find that one of the funniest things he said.
-I remember almost everything that has happened to me, some with vivid detail. It is both a blessing and a curse.
-I am forcing myself to quit yelling at referees at basketball games.
-Asking people for anything personally I find almost impossible to do, even if I need the help.
-I listen to music in my headphone way too loud. Now I am getting deaf.
-Twice in my life I seriously considered suicide, now I thank God for getting me through those dark times.
-I am paralyzed by the fear of something bad happening to my children.
-I have nothing saved for retirement.
-Sometimes I have to fake caring about people. Is that wrong?
-I hold my tongue all the time, I have so much I really want to say, but I know it will hurt people.
-I daydream about what it would be like to live my life over knowing what I know now.
-I still struggle with that same old sin.
-I frequently make up percentages on the spot. Well, I do 78% of the time.
-When I see 11:11 on the clock I always say, “You only see that two or three times a day.”
-I love to buy books but rarely take the time to read them anymore.
-I despise soccer, cats, dogs and bananas equally.
-I have embarrassed myself more times than I can count. And no, I won’t tell you the stories.
-I don’t understand why Jesus chose Judas, but I also don’t understand why he loves me.
-It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I learned to embrace my uniqueness … I mean weirdness.

I believe all of us have a closet full of junk. Your parents do. Your pastor does. Everyone you know has a long list of secrets.

You are normal. Confess it to God. Maybe have a laugh … or a cry. Throw yourself on grace. Move on. Today is a new day. Thank God!

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