A Lack of Action Speaks Louder Than Failure

Edmond Burke was an Irish Statesman who moved to London and became a member of Parliament. He once corresponded with another gentleman over the sad state of their country. In their exchange, he wrote a now-famous quote.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

One of my biggest frustrations in ministry is not working with unqualified people. It is trying to lead unwilling people. People who would rather do nothing than failing at something.

If you feel unqualified, I can train you. I can give you resources, send you video links, and connect you with a more experienced person. I can support you, and I can pray for you. I can help you to feel more qualified.

If you are unwilling, what can I do? I can educate you about the need. I can try to motivate you. I can cheer or shout or cry, but will that change your heart?

Someone who is unqualified will have their heart race and their knees shake as they step out into the unknown and do their best. People who are unwilling, make excuses and are never pushed into the difficult situation.

The Church moves forward all over the world with unqualified people. Evil triumphs when people are unwilling to anything. Which group are you a part of today?

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