Why People Should and Shouldn’t Go to Church

This weekend our Church along with hundreds of thousands across the country will hold a worship program on Sunday morning. If you are considering going this weekend let me share two separate thoughts.

1. You might not want to go to Church …

If you think it makes you better than other people.
If you think it will make you right with God.
If you see it as a type of penance for the wrongs you have done recently.
If you feel it is required to make God happy.
If you are only going for family and friends.
If you are trying to hide the mess you are making of your life privately.
If you have no desire to grow spiritually.

2. You might want to go to Church …

If you long to worship God.
If you desire to sing the praises of our Savior.
If you long to meet and connect with other believers.
If you want to know the needs of others and pray with and for them.
If you want to spend time reflecting on the work of Jesus on the cross.
If you are interested in knowing a little of what the Bible says.
If you want to grow spiritually in some way.

I know this weekend that many people will show up to a Church worship program with the wrong heart and mind. They will make this Sunday an extension of their own selfish and misguided lives.

I also know that many people will show up with pure motives and loving hearts. They will have a longing in their soul for something deeply spiritual that only Jesus can fill.

Oddly enough, I still want both groups to come. I hope and pray that the first group will hear the truth and be convicted. I hope they will change and experience the freedom of Christ. I hope they will see the other group and notice the joy that Jesus gives to them. I want them to come and spend time in the presence of God and his people. Otherwise, I do not know how they are ever truly going to know God.

Even if you are not completely right in your spiritual walk, there is still room for you at worship this Sunday. Even if you are not sure what you are doing and why you are doing it, there is still a seat for you. I really want to see ALL of you there this Sunday.

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