Attending Church Anytime and Anywhere

Yesterday I was out of town on vacation with my family. We wanted to attend a Church worship program with the entire family as a part of our regular weekend routine. Here is what I have discovered every time this opportunity comes up.

1. There is a Church almost everywhere. If you are out of town, a quick search on google will reveal all kinds of Churches within a few minutes drive of your location.

2. There are multiple time options on Sunday morning.
We found Churches with programs from 8:00 am clear up to 11:30 am. Do not think you are limited to your “normal” time at your home Church.

3. There are several non-traditional options to consider. Many larger Churches have added a worship programs on Thursday Night, Saturday Night, Sunday evening and even other possibilities. If your Sunday morning is booked with travel or activities, an alternate program may fit your needs.

4. If all else fails, online programs abound. If you physically cannot make a worship program, there are numerous Churches with live online events. Some even record them so that you can experience them at any time.

The old saying is, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” That is true with Church worship attendance. If you want to be a part of a weekly worship experience, there are several possibilities for you each weekend. No matter where your life takes you.

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