Albert Amos Would Be Happy

Over 50 years ago, my dad was influenced by the preaching of a man named Albert Amos. Dad told that me that he was impressed at how Albert preached with authority and conviction and did it all without notes. Albert told dad how he was speaking one time outdoors, I do not remember the exact story, but his notes blew away. Albert vowed to never end up in the same predicament again. So he preached without notes while my dad sat in the crowd listening.

One day as an adult male in his thirties dad stood up and responded to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Dad would tell me that his knees were knocking, and he was scared to death, but he went anyway. There in a beautiful moment, he made his confession of faith and was baptized.

I never met Albert except through the stories my dad told. Once I did get a chance to see his signature in a book a local man gave my father as a gift. That is as close as I came to him. I don’t know any details of his life from his upbringing, his ministry experiences or his final years of life. I have just collected a few random stories my dad told about the preacher who impacted his life.

I also have no idea if Albert kept any contact with my father. I assume he moved on to another ministry, and eventually, the distance stood as an obstacle that was too big to overcome. Dad drifted into his memory and finally into a faint recollection in the back of his mind.

As a preacher myself I have stood in Albert’s position a few times. I have been overwhelmed at some adult who came to accept Jesus. I have connected with a few people and helped them in their walk with Christ. I moved on in ministry, and they slowly drifted into my past. I do not know what happened to them once we parted ways.

I often find myself staring off into space and wondering where their journey took them. Did they stay faithful to God? Did they give up on their faith? Did they teach their children? Was their life molded and shaped by God and the world changed by their service? I will never know the paths their lives took them on this side of heaven. I know that I hope and pray they carry the message of Jesus for the rest of their lives.

I think Albert Amos would be happy with the rest of this story. Dad lived a life of faith. He taught me, and I eventually went into ministry. My children have accepted Jesus, and I pray they will one day serve a local Church and make their own impact for Jesus.

My dream as a minister is bigger than having a few people like my sermons. My prayer is that people will respond to God and allow their relationship to transform their future. I want you to tell me about how your children and grandchildren are now walking with Jesus. That is what would make me happy.

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