Five Post-Easter Prayers

Yesterday was a great day. We had 254 people in the front of our Church for worship. It was packed. We also had 61 children and workers in the back. It was an all-time high for me at Adrian Christian Church in every way. It was exciting to see everyone and experience a wonderful day of worship.

This morning I feel a little blue. I know months of work are behind me. I know the Christian calendar turns toward Mother’s Day and then a summer slump in attendance until VBS. On days like this, I fight the darkness in the only way I know how: I pray. Here are some of the things I am praying for today.

1. I Pray a Prayer of Thanksgiving for All Those Who Helped in Some Way. I am so thankful for the people who cleaned, decorated, prepared, cooked, served, lead, taught, sang, greeted, prayed, invited, and did one of the thousand things to make yesterday happen.

2. I Pray We Made a Good Impression. First impressions can shape a person’s thinking for a lifetime. I pray we made a good impression on our visitors. By we, I mean that all Christians made a good impression on others as individuals. I also mean we as a Church. I pray our Church did all it could to shine the light of Jesus into people’s lives.

3. I Pray Joy Was Felt by All. I hope that everyone who came to worship with us yesterday was blessed in some way. Maybe it was a song by some sweet little girls or a kind word from a greeter or a song the congregation sang together. I hope something helped each person feel the presence of God in their life and the joy of the Lord.

4. I Pray Seeds of the Gospel were Planted. One of my biggest hopes and dreams is that people begin to take those fledgling steps of faith because of being here on Easter. Maybe an idea was shared that starts them thinking more about God. Maybe the sermon helped someone to understand the Christian message a little better. I pray God used yesterday to move someone far from him closer to home.

5. I Pray People Made Connections that Will Lead Them to Return.
It was great to have a full house this week. What would be greater? Having a full house again next week. I know we had several out-of-town guests, but if a few of the locals were able to connect with other Christians in a positive way, that would be wonderful. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how many people were here yesterday. What matters is how many lives were changed by being here.

All Mondays can be hard on preachers and Church staff, but Easter can be particularly challenging. We have been planning and praying for this since Christmas. Now it is over. That does not mean the praying for yesterday has to cease. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if yesterday was the start of something great and not the end of it?

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