That Time I Got Rejected

I have been the minister at Adrian Christian Church for almost three years. What may surprise you is that it almost didn’t happen.

My family and I had moved to Alaska to serve at a Church in Homer and live the adventure of the last frontier. It was a grand experience but was not without complications. It is hard living so far away from family and the months of cold with darkness are hard emotionally. After we had hit the four-year mark, we knew it was time to leave. I sent out resumes all over the country in the hopes of relocating to a new ministry. No less than five ministries showed interest in having me as their leader. One by one I handled interviews and prayed through the process. Finally, my family, had it narrowed down to a Church in Southern Indiana and this one in Missouri.

With every Church interview, I continually heard that they felt I lived too far away. It would be expensive to move us, and the search team had decided to go another direction. One by one I had scratched potential Churches off the list until only Adrian Christian Church was left.

One evening after work I was heading home when I received a call telling me that even they had decided on another candidate. It was a Tuesday night, and I did not get emotional. I took their answer and told my wife, and we resigned ourselves to God wanting us to stay in Alaska.

Then on Wednesday I received another call from the Church and asked if I was still interested in the position as their other candidate had accepted a call to another Church. Without hesitation, I stated that I would still like to be considered for the position. One thing led to another, and I set up, and date for a trial sermon and the rest is history.

I suppose I have a choice on how I can view this experience in my life. I could spend my life here in resentment as their second choice. I could always harbor ill feelings of rejection.

The other choice is to embrace the situation. See that God so wanted me here that he removed the other candidate from being an obstacle. He opened doors that appeared closed. He worked behind the scenes to bring me to the place he wanted me to serve.

It seems our perspective on the events of our life is as important as the encounters themselves. You can go through life seeing that God is against you with every setback or you can see him redirecting you each time.

I know I have chosen the latter view of my rejection and acceptance to be the preacher at Adrian Christian Church. I am happy and content with the life God has brought me to.

What view will you take?

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