Some Ministry Nuts and Bolts

Every complex machine is composed of a number of little nuts and bolts that hold it all together. Ministry in the Church is very much the same way. Worship on Sunday, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Christmas, and Easter are all significant parts of the overall Christian machine, but those are all held together by a series of smaller items.

1. Church Communications – Every week is an attempt to communicate the events and activities in the life of a Church. Here at ACC, we use the printed program each week. I encourage everyone to read it thoroughly, especially the announcements as we are continually adding new ones and updating old ones. We also have an email newsletter that goes out the first week of the month. The third option for us is our website. I personally help update the site each week with the most up-to-date info. Next is Facebook. If you follow the Adrian Christian Church page, then you will receive notice of our posting on there also. Finally, is an announcement at the beginning of the program. I limit those items I share each week to just one. Each week I try using one, two or even all of these forms of communication to keep everyone informed of activities in the life of the Church. It is everyone’s responsibility to read what we write and listen to what is said.

2. The Connection Card – Every week we have a “Connection Card” either attached or inserted into the program. This is a great way for you to communicate with the Church. There is a spot for your name and mailing info. New guests will receive a card thanking them for a visit. Longtime members can use the space to update me on changes in address, phones number or email. There is also a spot on the card for prayer requests. These are emailed to our prayer team on Monday and placed in the program on the next Sunday. Third, there are a series of places you can mark if you would like more information. A connection card is a simple place for you to keep connected with the office and the minister, just drop the card in the offering plate, and it will end up on my desk.

3. Personal Contact – There are two great ways to talk to me personally. First is immediately after the worship program. I always remain at the front of the auditorium for 5-10 minutes after worship so you can catch me there. There I can talk, pray or just plan a meeting for later. The second way to reach me is at the Church office. I am here Monday through Thursday from 8:00 till at least 3:00 unless there is an emergency. You can call the office and schedule an appointment, or you can just drop by anytime. Each week I have 1-3 meetings so sometimes it is best to schedule a time with a quick phone call. I am always willing to talk and help each of you out.

I know these seem like such tiny parts to the Church, but each one is vital. We can have a fantastic event planned, but if you no one knows about it then we will have a failure. You may be going through a big life event, but if you do not tell anyone, then I may never know so that I can pray and help. The success or failure of any part of Church is connected to these simple nuts and bolts that hold it all together. They may seem insignificant, but trust me, without them it all falls apart.

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