The Key Ingredient to All Growth

Do you want to grow spiritually to be more like Christ? Do you want to know your Bible better? Do you want to read more Christian literature? Do you want to be a better disciple?

That seems like a minor question, but it is actually the key to all growth.

The one key piece of all growth is desire.

Do you want it? Do you really want it? Do you seriously want this to happen in your life? Are you willing to work hard to make it happen? Do you truly have a sincere desire to grow?

I am sure you have heard the expression, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” That one statement speaks truth to the most important aspect of all improvement. Do you have the will to do what is required to grow?

Quite often we spend time in the Church trying to give you the right tools to grow. We create opportunities and events where you can grow. We put together programs and practices to help you improve your walk with Christ. We push people toward conferences and seminars in an effort to make them better disciples.

The truth is much simpler. If you desire real and lasting change, nothing will stop it from happening. You will find the tools. You will come up with a plan. You will find the time.

The problem with most people is not a lack of information. The problem is a lack of desire.

What do you want to do this week? What do you really want to do?

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