Thinking About My Mother

This weekend is not only Mother’s Day, but today is my mom’s birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day and weekend.

She will never know the total impact she has had on my life and my faith. She nurtured in me a caring heart for other people.

I read this story years ago, and every time I think of my mom this story comes to mind. I hope it makes you think of your mother too.

A teacher was teaching her math class about fractions.

She asked little Johnny a question. “Suppose your mother baked a pie and there were seven people for dinner that night. There were your parents, the three children, and two guests. What part of the pie would you get?”

“A sixth,” replied the boy.

“I’m afraid you don’t know your fractions,” said the teacher. “Remember, there are seven of you.”

“Yes, teacher,” Johnny said, “but you don’t know my mother. Mother would say she didn’t want any pie just so everyone else could have a bigger piece.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially my mom.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About My Mother

  1. Ahhhhh! Love the story. . . My Mom was aTeacher and she was like that. I miss her and the her letter that came in the mail every Monday!

  2. Nice. Definitely reminds me of my mom, too. One thing she used to do was if we went out to eat and I ended up ordering something I didn’t like very much once I got it, she would always offer to trade with me. Sometimes I did, but even if I didn’t like what she was having either (I was a bit persnickety), it always made me feel better that she offered. As a mom, I’ve been in the same situation but REALLY wanted what I ordered. Her example paid off because I do the same thing and try not to show my begrudgingness (pretty sure i just made up a word). I appreciate her care even more now.

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