The “God Factor” for a Believer

As a pastor, I am always trying to communicate the truth of the gospel in some way. I teach and preach. I write and post. I talk to people in small groups and individually. Simply put, I try to explain the life of a believer in every way that I able.

I work to make everything I say the clear, engaging and understandable. I do think God is present while I work, but I work as if the world depended on me. That is all that I can do.

Then God steps in and takes what I do and connects it to where it is needed.

I can’t completely explain why you came to Church that Sunday. I can’t entirely explain why the sermon was on that topic. I can’t completely explain why the songs on the radio, the conversation you had with a friend or simply the way you are feeling all align with what I taught that time. The only explanation I have is that I serve in a place where God consistently shows up and puts everything together.

I do not believe this is limited to preachers and pastors. This is a reality for everyone who believes. As you go out into the world living for Jesus and sharing his message with the people, you know God will show up and put people in your path who need you and your message.

I think if you open yourself up to God he will speak to you. If you allow God to use your life, you will speak through you. I firmly believe God is at work in ways we cannot even imagine. You just never know what God is going to do with you and through you today.

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