What Do Other People Really Want From You?

Let me be honest with you today.

No one cares about it. They simply do not care about that thing you have spent so much time on. They just don’t care.

That don’t care about your house. They don’t care about your yard or your landscaping. They don’t care about your car. They don’t care about your job. They don’t care about your awards. They don’t care about our sports achievements. They don’t care about your clothes. Many, if not all, people do not care about the things you spend so much time focused on each day.

Most people I know want one primary thing from you; they want to know you care about them.

Think about it. You are close to the people who genuinely care about you. It doesn’t matter where they live or what they wear or what they have done. The connection we have with other people is built on mutual concern and compassion.

If that is true, and I believe it is, here are some things you should do today above all else.

1. Visit someone. Take a few minutes of your time and make a stop to visit. Stop at their work. Stop by on your way home. You might want to call ahead. Nothing is as valuable as our time. Nothing shows you care more than spending that time with me.

2. Listen to people. I mean really listen. Turn off the TV. Put down your phone. Stop thinking about your to-do list. Listen to the joys and hurts of another person. Listen to the stories and experiences of the people around you. Listening is a powerful tool that is free to use.

3. Respond with questions. Mentally process what you are hearing. Probe for meaning with insightful responses that show you are truly listening. Ask questions to dig deeper and hear more. Ask questions about what other people know and want to teach. Ask them to share their stories while you laugh and cry with them.

4. Reach out in some meaningful way. If you do not have the opportunity to connect in person, then do the next best thing. Buy a card and write a little note. Write out a letter and send it. Type up an email asking them about themselves and their lives. Drop a text of appreciation. Reach out to other people in whatever way you can.

5. Find a way to express your feelings. Tell people you appreciate them, you care about them, you enjoy being with them and even that you love them. Verbalize in some way the emotions you feel inside. Nothing feels better than hearing that other people care.

You see, today you can spend all your time focused on achievements and appearances, or you can do something truly wonderful. You can let another human being know you care. You can go beyond mere words and touch their heart for good.

Being connected to other people will bring you joy beyond measure, and it could happen to you today.

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