True Confessions about the Church

I recently finished a series of sermons on Sunday morning called “True Confessions.” Each one was created from a single thought; there are some things we all feel, but none of us say in public. I took the series as an opportunity to not only say the words out loud but also as a chance to process those thoughts from a Christian perspective.

Today I want to give you some random yet true thoughts about the Church as I have experienced it. Here is what I know –

-The Church is not a building, but we own one. It helps, and it hurts us equally.
-The Church is full of people who are flawed and imperfect.
-This is where grace should abound but frequently does not.
-Some people only attend worship for the social aspect.
-Yes, the Church has hypocrites who are only pretending to follow God for some reason.
-Most of the people I know in the Church are genuinely concerned about other people.
-Church people are some of the most hard-headed people I know in both good and bad ways.
-Quite often the Church is the first and last at showing love in times of need.
-People learn what it means to serve selflessly at Church worship programs.
-Some weeks the sermon or lesson bombs.
-There is something good to hang onto every week, find it.
-It is a terrible idea to attend a Church just because of the preacher. He will let you down.
-No one is completely sure where Jesus is leading us.
-We don’t hate the other Churches in town, but we don’t understand them.
-There are unique people everywhere, even in the Church, especially in the Church.
-Some Sundays people are just tired (even the Pastor).
-There are some awful worship songs both old and new.
-A fellowship time where people shake hands is forced, we know.
-People who attend on Christmas and Easter only miss a lot of good stuff.
-Communion will keep you grounded in Jesus
-Sick people prey on the Church because they think we are stupid.
-Many of our parents went to Church, and honestly, all of us long for those simpler times.
-The Church is like a family, you only truly understand it from the inside.
-Many of the pastors I spend time with are the smartest most widely read people I know; some are neither of those two things.
-There are days when even the preacher is disappointed in people.
-There are days when even the preacher is amazed at people.
-The longer I am part of a Church the less I think I understand it, but I know it is mostly good.

The Church is this wonderful and unique place. Almost anything you say about it can be true at one time and place or another. It is full of godly people along with some not-so-godly people. Despite its flaws, the Church has existed for almost 2,000 years. I feel confident in saying it will exist another 2,000 years if Jesus waits that long to return. No one asked for the Church. It is God’s gift to us. Get connected, and you will see all the bad, you will also be blessed beyond measure. I can’t quite explain it; you just have to try it for yourself.

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