Incomplete Thoughts

I keep a list of blog ideas going on Evernote. It ranges from one to three pages of typed material at any given point during the year. Well, once a year I like to purge my list and leave only the best material for future use. Some of the things on the list are good ideas; they are just not complete thoughts that I will be able to use here.

Today is the day that I purge that file. Before I hit the delete button, I wanted to share some of my incomplete thoughts with you.

1. On being a messenger of Morse Code. Watching the movie Lincoln and I noticed the guy who sent and received Morse Code. His job is to hear and communicate a message without getting in the way. Quite often I view this job as like sharing the gospel. We don’t create the message we just receive it from God’s word and pass it on.

2. The religion of sports. I wonder if sports are the idolatry of the modern world.

3. The longevity of the Church. I read numerous articles about what the Church can learn from the business world. Then down the road, I see the same company struggling and sometimes dying. I often wonder why business doesn’t study the Church instead of vice versa. The Church still exists 2,000 years after Jesus in every culture across the globe. No business has the longevity or reach of the Church. Maybe Jesus had a plan far greater than we can imagine?

4. Being a lurker. I watch things online all the time. I rarely comment or post. Frequently I see people in life who are lurkers. They watch and listen but rarely contribute.

5. Christian Music. What happens to old Christian music? There were some great songs and musicians around when I was a teen, and none of it has lived on till today. We have classic rock and sounds of the 60’s radio stations, but we do not have old Christian music stations. No one seems to be celebrating our rich heritage of Contemporary Christian Music.

6. Self-fulfilling prophecies. If you want Church to be great, it will be. If you want Church to be irrelevant, it will be. Where we focus our attention quickly becomes the only thing we see.

7. Some things must die. I hate it that your small group folded. I am sorry that the Sunday night program is done. I know you liked it, but it was no longer bearing fruit. The amount of work being put into it was not worth the harvest that was being produced. Sometimes even good things have to die for something new to grow.

8. Selective Memory. I am amazed at how quickly we forget both bad and good things.

9. Generic Christians. Most stories have a form of generic merchandise. It is usually cheaper than the name brand, but the quality is questionable. Are there generic Christians? Are there people who have the same look but are not the same quality?

10. The trick of wellness. I have known individuals who were taking medication for mental or emotional issues. They would take their pills and get to feeling better, then they would stop taking their medication. They quickly slide into more problems and trouble. This process has repeated itself for years in some case. The same thing can happen with faith and the Church.

There are my ten random thoughts about life and faith that will not become complete posts for me. In fact, this will probably by my last mention of them unless you persuade me to do something more. I hope you found something good here. If not, I have numerous other ideas that you will see in the future. Until then, may God bless you all.

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