Specific Prayers for the Church Staff

I am blessed to know several people pray for me regularly. Occasionally someone will ask me, “Do you have anything I can pray for specifically?”

I have a few patent answers to that question, but I know these do not just apply to me. They apply to everyone who works on a Church staff and usually anyone in a leadership position.

I hope you find these helpful.

1. Pray for them spiritually. As a Church leader, temptations lie around every corner. These come in a variety of ways ranging from sexual temptation to exaggeration to depression. Through the years I have repeatedly watched as Church leaders either quit and never return to ministry or as they implode on their own sinfulness. Personally, I believe the forces of evil that work against the Lord know that when a Church leader falls it hurts the cause of Christ in a big way. Pray that the men and women who lead the Church will stand strong in their faith.

2. Pray for their marriage. One of the biggest areas that get attacks is a leader’s marriage. There are the obvious sexual temptations but also the inappropriate emotional connections that can happen. When marriages are not being divided through sin, they are being split through service. Keep the leader or his wife busy, and they will not have time for each other. Over time they will grow apart, and divorce becomes a real possibility. If the Church leader is single, then pray for their purity until they find a God-fearing spouse. Fervently ask God for the Church leaders marriage to flourish and not flounder.

3. Pray for their children and family. Anywhere that Satan can drive a wedge in a family is a victory. Quite often it is with the spouse, but he will also attack the children and the parents also. The spotlight of being in a preacher’s family can often burn too bright for many kids. Pray that Church leaders would be Godly parents who can lead Godly children.

4. Pray for their work in the Church. Every week is another opportunity to do the Lord’s work. Each week I write sermons and articles, lead classes, make decisions, present the gospel, confront sin and try to lead people toward a growing relationship with God. It is a daunting task, and every Church leader would welcome the support that prayer brings.

As always, I appreciate the prayers of the people I lead. So does every Church leader. May these guide you into some specific prayers you can pray on our behalf.

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