VBS 2017 by the Numbers

I am a numbers guy. I like to see the facts in black and white. I measure and remeasure from every possible angle to get things in the right perspective. As a Pastor, that means tracking all kinds of numbers to show how a program is doing. Here are the numbers that I wrote down from last weeks’ Vacation Bible School at Adrian Christian Church.

126 – The highest number of children on one night of VBS, 5th grade and under.

30 – The number of Jr. High students registered for Jr. Missions without ever mentioning it our advertising.

55 – The number of volunteers to help make VBS happen.

$543.41 – The amount of money raised for Show Me Christian Home through our nightly offering. A private donor is doubling all gifts to Show Me Home this summer to make it $1086.82.

37 – The number of the jars of peanut butter donated to Show Me Home along with the money. There was also a box of notebooks and over 100 rolls of toilet paper.

$335 – The amount of money raised by our Jr Missions kids to purchase toys for the Show Me Home.

200 – The number of snow cone cups given out at the closing program

250 – The number of hot dogs eaten at our VBS closing ceremony. Oddly enough there were 32 buns left over.

2 – The number of inflatables at our closing program that results in 2 hours of fun.

214 – The number of people who attended the closing worship program on Sunday. Estimated that around 50% of those people were guests.

1 – The number of people who have already mentioned coming back to Church another Sunday.

100 – The amount of Thank You notes I should write this week. Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in every way. Your gifts made an impact for the kingdom of God. I appreciate you, but more importantly, you are pleasing in the sight of God.

UNKNOWN – The complete impact of the week will never be known this side of heaven. Sometimes it takes several years of VBS programs to combine into one huge impact in a person’s life. One thing is for sure, lives were touched for the glory of God.

Thanks everyone.

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