Adrian Christian Church Announcements

1. This weekend I am kicking off a new three-week sermon series called My Crazy Family. I will be exploring marriage, parenting, and grandparenting. You can join us every Sunday at 9:30 am for worship.

August 6 “My Crazy Spouse.”
August 13 “My Children are Driving Me Crazy.”
August 20 “Crazy Old People.”

2. On Sunday, August 13th our leadership will be spending all afternoon in a meeting planning for the future. One of our biggest topics of discussion will be the possibility of transitioning to two worship programs each Sunday morning. The old rule of Churches is that you will stop growing when you are 80% full in worship, and several times this past year we have surpassed that number. For us to reach more people with the message of Jesus Christ, we need to make some changes. Please be in prayer for our leadership as we decide a plan for growth including two worship programs on Sunday morning.

3. As we look toward the fall, we are going to participate in Operation Christmas Child again this year. This is also known as the Christmas Shoeboxes. Ashley Stephens has volunteered to lead the program, and a few people have already stated that they would help her. Three ways you can help with this project. One, be in prayer for as we move forward with planning and collection. Two, volunteer if you would assist in any way. Three, begin setting aside money now for the purchase of needed items or simply for making a cash donation. I look forward to this being another great year to make an impact in our world in the name of Jesus.

4. Our next Membership class is scheduled for October 15th immediately following worship. The Church will be providing lunch, and we will jump right into the material. It will take about two hours total to cover all the material. This will include what it means to follow Jesus, why you should be a part of the local Church and what is the next step on your journey of faith. We are encouraging everyone to take the class who would like to become a member or continue as a member of ACC. Please see me (Pastor Matt) if you have questions.

These are a few of the things going on around Adrian Christian Church in the coming weeks. I hope you will join us in worship and prayer. May God bless you all.

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