Six Simple Ways to Serve Your Spouse

In yesterday’s sermon, I talked about “My Crazy Spouse.” I tried to focus my thoughts on two concepts. First, I need to accept responsibilities for the problems I bring into a marriage. Second, I need to work on improving my marriage more than complaining. I lifted up the Biblical example of two people who are selflessly serving each other.

Then I gave six actions steps to help improve your marriage. I thought these might be beneficial to repeat. (Please note, these were gathered from at least five sources and none are original with me).

1. Become the kind of person you would want to come home to. Does your spouse enjoy going to work and staying there more than coming home? What could you do to change that trend?

2. Do one thing to improve your spouse’s life. This might include you taking on a new task or making a simple purchase. There are numerous ways we can reduce our mate’s stress level if we care to do it.

3. Compliment your spouse. Criticism is easy; compliments are difficult to say. In the end, those compliments are far more beneficial.

4. Ask your spouse about themselves. Listen intently. This will mean you need to shut off the TV and put down your phone. For an added bit of fun, what if you agreed with your spouse and told them they were right about something.

5. Remember the small stuff. It is important to learn your spouse’s love language (Those are: words of affirmation, gifts, service, time and touch.) Then do little things that show your spouse you care enough to make them feel loved.

6. Overflow with Forgiveness. Develop a short memory. The Bible says to “keep no record of wrongs.” Make sure to forgive your spouse’s flaws as they have forgiven you.

All six of these steps are simple and relatively cheap. They do require us to give our time and attention, and those are the two most valuable commodities in the world right now. When you are willing to sacrifice those things for another person, it is the ultimate act of love. Those actions will build a great marriage.

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