Searching for the Right Words

I never know exactly what to say.

I am afraid I will not say it right. My words will become jumbled, and my tongue will get tied. Somehow, I will take a simple idea and lose it with the wrong words. I will say too much or possibly not enough.

I am afraid you will not feel these words correctly. What I am saying to you is coming from the depths of my soul. I feel an overwhelming depth of gratitude, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. The hurt deep inside my heart will not translate into words. Joy will sound like laughter, and I don’t want to be misunderstood. I just know you won’t feel what I am trying to communicate.

I am afraid I will forget something. My mind is full, and I usually miss something in my words. You will notice not just what I say, but what I do not say. You will think I didn’t notice or that I didn’t care.

I am afraid that my good intentions will be lost and you will get angry. A barrier will be built in our communication rather than a bridge. Instead of moving forward in our relationship we will get sidetracked or even worse, we will take a step backward.

I am afraid my words will not come out just right. I will be misunderstood. The result will not be what I desired. Instead of love and connection, there will be loss and separation.

What if I interrupt you and ruin the moment? What if I misunderstand you? What if you don’t respond the way I want you to answer?

Have you ever felt this way? You need to talk. You need to say something. You want your relationships to grow, but the words will not come out.

Communication is hard. It is the most difficult with the people closest to us.

Many of us will choose not to say the words. We will keep quiet. Quite possibly we will go the other route and talk about trivial things just to fill the space.

What if today, or maybe this weekend, you said the words? What if your faith was reflected in your words? What would happen if you trusted God to take your words and accomplish something beautiful in your life?

You will never have the perfect words. Do you believe in a God big enough to take your words and accomplish good things in your life?

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