God’s Guidance Through Life’s Transitions

This blog will post while I am moving through another life transition. Right now, I am taking my second son off to college for his Freshman year. He is headed off to college and will no longer be under my supervision. Sure, he will be home at Christmas for three weeks and will most likely return next summer, but life is changing.

Tomorrow my oldest son will load up his car and drive himself back to college for his second year. He has probably spent his last summer at home. He has already been working on an internship for next summer. He also plans to come back for Christmas but his days under my roof are limited.

It is hard not to write this with a heavy heart. I love my boys, and I wanted them to stay little forever. Without slowing down, they grew up, and now I only have two boys left at home. In four years both of them will be gone, and the nest will be empty.

The transitions in my life are coming fast, and I am not sure how to handle all of them. Here is how God is guiding me through these changes.

1. I thank God for the past. The years I have had with all my children have been an enormous blessing. Every new adventure and each new phase have brought joy along with challenges. Memories have been photographed and imprinted on my mind. I am happy for every moment I have been there.

2. I embrace each new moment. It is easy to spend all my time looking back and forget to look around. New memories are forming as my boy steps into manhood. There is joy even in the separation.

3. I pray like never before. I pray for my children with greater intensity in this season. I pray for their safety, wisdom and God’s guidance.

4. I wait excitedly for the future. Who alone beside our God knows what the future hold for all of them. The stand on the edge of degrees, careers, relationships, possibly marriage and children of their own. The future is wide open, and I am excited to see where God will take them.

I would be lying if I said this transition was easy. It comes with hidden tears and a breaking heart. I love my children, and I do not want them to move on, but I understand that it is necessary. Therefore, I will follow God wherever he leads as he leads them.

Thank you Lord, for today and all that it brings.

One thought on “God’s Guidance Through Life’s Transitions

  1. I feel the heaviness in your words and your heart as I read this post.
    I have been where you are and the mixed emotions are deep.
    My two sons are grown, married and have given us 4 precious grandchildren. I am so blessed.
    But I am thankful for the memories. seeing them successful brings such joy to my heart…. but occasionally I want my boys back to when they were young and needed me. But quickly I remember God just gave them to me for a short while.
    I pray for their health, happiness and their future… and that he lets them know in their hearts and minds that they will always be my little boys and that I love them more than life itself.
    Continue to make memories and enjoy watching them grow into the awesome Christian men you’ve taught them to be.

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