Why Did I Wait So Long?

It was a private moment after her baptism, and she said something quietly to me as her pastor that I wasn’t expecting. She said, “Why did I wait so long to do that?”

She wasn’t asking for my opinion, in fact, I am not sure she was really asking me. It was more of something she was inquiring of herself and just said out loud.

It is a great question. Why do we wait so long to do something we know God wants us to do?

Why do we not make that confession of faith and get baptized?
Why do we hold onto grudges and never offer forgiveness?
Why do we not have that difficult talk with someone we love?
Why do we sweep our issues under the rug until it starts to destroy us?
Why do we put off going to marital counseling?
Why do we avoid taking steps toward spiritual wholeness?
Why do we wait so long to do the right thing?

I suppose each and every person has a little bit different answer to those questions. We wait because we are scared. We wait because we are unsure of the decision. We wait because of the influence of someone else. We wait because there is an unknown future that lies ahead. We wait because … the reasons are limitless.

Here is the thing I have learned over my ministry. Rarely, I mean it is extremely rare that someone acts on what they knew they should do and they regret it. The words, “Why did I wait” are never asked in the frustration of failure. They are posed in the light of success. Why did we put off something that was so helpful? Why did we not do the right thing years ago and get it off our mind?

The Bible’s focus is on the word “today.” Today is the day of salvation. We do not know what tomorrow brings. Act on that decision God has been lying on your heart for so long.

I would venture a guess that if you were to step up to the plate today and do the right thing, by tonight, you will lie down in bed and say, “Why did I wait so long to do that?”

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