Strategic Invitation Time

It sounds counter intuitive when you first hear it, but I promise it works.

Invite people to Church less often for greater impact.

Our natural thought is to invite people to Church every Sunday. If they are willing to come, I would be glad to have them anytime. While that is true in some ways, it also can be counterproductive. Sometimes my sermons are specifically for Church members and believers. There are sermons that I challenge people in the faith they already possess. Other times I plan to speak to individuals who are non-Christians.

Not only are there guest friendly sermon series to invite people to attend, most people like to come at the beginning of a series to hear all the content.

My encouragement is to invite people to Church when we have sermons that will make sense to people outside of faith and do it on the first Sunday of that new series. The goal is to invite people to Church at strategic times. This week is one of those Sundays.

This Sunday we are starting a new sermon series called “Insomnia: What keeps you up at night?”

September 10 “Regrets”
September 17 “Anger”
September 24 “Relationships”
October 1 “Worry” (Starting two worship programs)

Currently, our program starts at 9:30 and will remain that way until October when we will be moving to 9:00 and 10:30 am.

We would love to have you come and bring a friend.

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