Non-Verbal Communication at Church

Everything you do communicates something about you and what you truly believe. Every action reveals a little piece of your soul. This happens at your job, your home and at Church. The things you do on Sunday morning tell everyone around you something about your views of Church.

1. Being at worship on Sunday morning shows people something about your faith.

2. The way you talk to the people at Church reveals something about how you view people.

3. What you do with your printed program says something about how you see the events of the Church.

4. Singing during the worship songs demonstrates something about your praise of God.

5. Going in and out of the auditorium and walking around the building during the program shows something about how you view worship.

6. What you do during prayer time reveals something about you.

7. Your service on Sunday morning communicates something about your values.

8. What you do during the sermons tells everyone something about your view of the sermon.

9. How you handle the offering tray shows something about your heart.

10. Your actions immediately after worship is over reveal something about what you just experienced.

Everything you do at Church communicates something. The message is usually heard the loudest and most clearly by people checking out the Church the first time or by new believers. It is possible that you are communicating a level of deep commitment to the Lord and his people. It is also possible that you are harming the body of Christ by your behaviors.

Each week you have the opportunity to say to the world something about faith. Are your words and actions helpful for building other people up?

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