My Life and a New Notebook

About a month ago I bought a new notebook off Amazon. It was a little pricey, but it was beautiful. The cover is a solid cork, and the pages are thick, and even a heavy pen will not bleed through. Each page is perforated if I would like to tear them out for later reference. I smiled as I opened the box and I felt joy as I tore off the plastic.

The funny part of my new notebook is that I didn’t use it for almost a month. I carried it around, and every time I went to write a note I thought, “This will mess up my beautiful notebook.” I mean what if I write something and make a mistake? I could damage the cover or ruin the pages.

I know it sounds funny to you, but I was afraid to use my new possession out of fear of how it might end up down the road.

While sitting there staring at my book I thought of the parable of the talents that Jesus told in Matthew chapter 25. In the Bible, a “talent” is a measure of money. Jesus tells about a man who was going on a trip, and he gave a servant five talents, another two talents and finally the last man received a single talent.

The man with five talents invested his and gained five more. The man with two talents was able to get two more. The man with one came in and said, “I was afraid, so I hid mine in the ground.”

The owner was angry. Why not make an effort to gain more? Why live in fear of what might happen while not embracing the opportunities around you?

My notebook was made to be used. Your life, your money, talents, and treasures, were all meant to be used by God.

The goal of life is not to stand before God saying, “Look I made no mistakes because I never risked anything.” The goal is to use all that God has given us for his glory, sure you will make some mistakes and ruin some pages, but you will also bring pleasure to Him.

Each day I ask myself, “Did I do what God created me to do today or did I play it safe?”

While attending my conference this week, I finally used my new notebook. There is even greater joy in using it than in just owning it.

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