Two Surprising Signs of Spiritual Maturity

One of the goals of my life is to help people grow in their spiritual walk. I want to help them become more like Christ in every way.

Through the years I have tried to notice markers to chart this growth. A decision to follow Christ is the first big step. Then comes things like connecting, serving, and giving. Lately, I have noticed two more signs of spiritual growth.

1. Admitting You Have a Lot to Learn.

I am continually amazed at the number of believers who act like they have everything figured out. They have heard some Bible stories as a child. They have read a little as an adult. They have listened to a few sermons. What more could there possibly be to know?

Honestly, there is a great deal to learn. The Bible has been compared to the ocean. It is shallow enough for a child to play in it and deep enough that no diver can reach its depths. With every page, there is something new to learn. No one has even mastered the Bible, and there is a breakthrough the moment you admit you have more knowledge to gain.

2. Making an Effort to Learn What You Don’t Know.

This first part of this is vital, but this is more important. I know numerous people who would sheepishly admit to not knowing much about the Bible or God. And yet, they do nothing about it.

One massive step of growth is when someone says, “I don’t know enough, but I am going to learn.” You read the Bible for yourself. You listen intently to the sermon and take some notes. You attend a Bible study of some sort. You buy a couple of books and read them. You take steps to feed yourself on the things of God.

Every day presents us with an opportunity to become more like Christ. There is a connection between is what is going into us and what is coming out of us. Those who are taking steps to grow are also the ones living out their faith in new and exciting ways. Once you admit you have a lot to learn and you are ready to do something about it, the possibilities are limitless.

2 thoughts on “Two Surprising Signs of Spiritual Maturity

  1. I have learned through the last 20 years that the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. The closer I get to my savior the more I realize the bigger sinner I am. Amazing how blind we are until we duig into gods word and his plans for our lives. I and I never had a clue What a sinner I was.
    Your sermons and blogs always open the eyes of my heart and mind to want to know more about the person God made me to be.
    Thank you for being a vessel for God to teach other and lead them in there walk, to become God children.
    Thank you !

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