What Kind of Example are You Leaving?

You are making an impression on someone.

This statement is true and must regularly be considered, especially in the life of a believer in Jesus. There is no truth in the idea that you “might” make an impact on other people. You are doing it. The real question is simple, “What kind of an example are you leaving for those who watch your life?”

That question only has two answers. You are a good example or a bad one. That’s it; there are no other options.

You may have forgotten this truth in your life, and it is good to receive an occasional reminder.

Here is another truth I want you to consider today. The people who watch your life, whether it be your children, grandchildren or a neighbor child, will evaluate your example against your words.

The standard they use to judge your life will not be your good intentions. They will use your words and lay them alongside your actions to get an accurate picture of what you really believe.

They will judge your faith. Do you say you believe in God and yet deny him with your life?

They will judge your relationships. Do you tell people you love them and then ignore their needs? Do you elevate other people above yourself?

They will judge your service. Do they see you giving of yourself to other people or are you selfish?

There is a long list of behaviors that will be weighed and considered with the words that you say.

Every person tends to judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. You need to be clear that people are not considering what you intended to do, they are only looking at your words and actions.

With that in mind, what kind of example are you really leaving?

Some people are following your example whether you like it or not. Will the world be a better place because of what you leave behind?

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