Making Beautiful Music Together

One instrument can make good music. A guitar or a piano in the hands of a gifted musician can do amazing things. I once watched a man with a guitar play it and then use the body like a drum, and he made sounds I didn’t think were possible.

Typically, the addition of other instruments creates greater possibilities of entertainment. A simple four-piece band can play a variety of sounds and styles of music. Adding more pieces can give us unlimited musical achievements.

This idea recently came to attention as I was watching our worship band. My son was playing the bass guitar, and he was only playing a handful of chords. It wasn’t anything moving and seemed insignificant. Then the drum added a separate beat. Add in an acoustic guitar, and a keyboard and those pieces started to work together. Each person playing their instrument in harmony with the other musicians created a sound that blessed my soul.

I think each Christian is given one instrument in their life. Some people are loud like a drum. Others are quiet and sound more like a flute. Some have the sense of a rhythm guitar while others are an unleashed lead guitar. Each one with a giftedness that gives them their unique sound.

We can make music on our own. Given enough time and experience and we can use our instrument to amaze people with our skills. But even then, we are limited in the amount we can do on our own.

When we take our abilities and connect them with other believers, the possibilities are unlimited. Together we can make sounds that we would not be able to perform on our own. We have the potential to bless people as we work together making the music of faith.

Each weekend we come together as a group of believers. It is not a time to focus on one master musician on the stage. It is an opportunity for us to get the band together with each person filling a role. Some who come will teach children, and others will lead adults. There will be people who sing and speak the word of the Lord. People will be working out front and behind the scenes. Together we will make the music of God for everyone who attends to hear. The sound waves will reverberate through the week and into our community. What we do here will bring beautiful music to our community and our world.

I am tuning up my instrument and getting ready for Sunday. I hope you will come prepared to play some too. I would sure hate to try to play alone. Together is better.

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