A Monday in the Life of a Preacher

Sunday is the first day of my week, and it is the biggest. Yesterday I preached in two worship programs, gave a devotional to the Church leadership and then led our monthly meeting. Last night I taught at youth group and prepared snacks while other people connected in small groups. In the gaps yesterday, I uploaded the sermon to the website and closed all the books on all the day’s events. Every Sunday is a long day of work that usually ends with me working while lying in bed until I fall asleep.

Then comes Monday. I know many people hate Mondays, but for a preacher, it is a unique day in my week. Here are some of the parts of my day.

1. Thanksgiving. I am so glad about some of the things that happened yesterday. The sermon in the first program went great. I have a young girl who arranged a baptism for this coming Saturday. Numerous people stepped up to help all around the Church. Our two programs are starting to level off more equally. New people are coming and starting to get connected. 20 kids stayed to practice for Christmas. Our leadership meeting is actually fun and uplifting. We had one of my favorite nights of youth group in a long time, as it was filled with laughter and learning. There are numerous reasons to be thankful.

2. Second Guessing. Every week is also filled with its share of mistakes. There were glitches in each program. The sound system has a buzz that won’t go away. The sermon in the second program just did not seem to get going, and there were distractions. Some leadership decisions are complicated, and I pray we are doing the right thing. Youth group was small, and several people were gone, and I always wonder how we get more teens to attend. There is always room for improvement.

3. Prayer. Each week brings a new list of prayer needs. Yesterday we did not add a lot, but there are several people sick and others with loved ones struggling. I pray for our staff and leadership and the future of our Church along with my family.

4. Planning. Monday morning I lead a staff meeting. We review the events of Sunday and then plan out the rest of the week. What opportunities lie ahead? What challenges are coming? Each Monday starts a new week of preparing for the next Sunday.

5. Grind it Out. While my creativity level is low on Monday, there is still plenty of work to do. I start preparing for small groups, I work an hour or two on my sermon, and I will have several pages of material to get the week rolling. Usually, nothing gets finished on Monday or even Tuesday for the matter. Work just gets started knowing that Sunday is always coming.

Lastly, I will think of you. My mind will roll over dozens of dozens of people who are a part of the world I pastor. I wonder, how can I reach them for God. How can I help them grow? What can I do differently or possibly better to reach more people for Jesus? Is there anything I can do this week that will lead people to take a new and deeper step of faith?

Today I will start a new fresh week of work that I pray will bring Godly fruit in the future. Honestly, I hope that is everyone’s view of today, whether you are in the ministry or not. Each week is a chance to bless the world for God; I pray this is another good week.

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