Some Important Questions Parents Need to Answer

This fall I lead a small group of men through some material that challenged us to be better men, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. It was full of great information and never failed to teach and challenge. One of the videos had a pastor pose a couple of questions that I found to be insightful.

1. When your children grow up and leave home, what do you want most for them as they head out into the world?

Here are the four answers for you to choose from:

a. A Sports Scholarship
b. Important College
c. Popularity
d. Godly Character

2. Honestly, where is most of your time going with your children?

Your answers are still the same. Yes, there is some overlap. If we are honest as parents, the majority of our time is given to the first three. We drop them off at school, pick them up after sports and make sure they are at all the age-appropriate social functions.

Where does character development happen in the life of a child? More specifically, where does Godly character instruction occur in the lives of your children? Remember, the absence of training is a form of values clarification.

As Christian parents, we must continually ask ourselves where our time is going. If we do not invest in our children spiritually, who will?

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