Thankful for Big Answers to Small Prayers

One of my regular prayers for my family is that God would “protect and direct us.” I pray it over my boys before they head to college and while they are there. I pray it before vacation and big trips. It is so ingrained in my prayers that I rarely give it much extra thought.

An experience recently reminded me of this daily prayer. I was approaching a stop sign, and I slowed down more than usual. No other car was around, but I felt an easiness I cannot completely put into words. Then a car comes flying out of nowhere and speeds by the stop sign while hanging a left right in front of me. If I had been about 4 feet forward, I would have been hit as this person turned. If I had sped to the stop sign and took off like normal, I would have been struck broadside.

I paused for a moment and looked around to see if anyone was watching what just happened. There was no other car in sight, and the other driver sped down the road without hesitation. I looked up to heaven and thanked God for his protection and direction.

Some people will say, “Yes, but someone I love was in an accident.” I understand that God’s plan is bigger than mine. I will never know why some moments go by without incident and others come with a big price. There is a tension that exists in the divine actions of God that we will never clearly understand this side of heaven. Right now, I am not asking questions, I am just thankful.

In my life, there have been hundreds of little moments where God guided me away from danger for which I am thankful. There have been accidents barely avoided, decisions that keep me from danger and close calls that have shaken me awake from my boring routine. A speeding car running a stop sign can be a messenger of destruction or salvation. I thank God for all those little moments of grace which are so easy to forget.

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